United States Extends Lead after Third Round at Arnold Palmer Cup at Evian Resort Golf Club


Évian-les-Bains, France – The United States claimed eight of 12 four-ball matches to extend its lead to 20.5-15.5 at the Arnold Palmer Cup at Evian Resort Golf Club. Team USA needs 30 points to retain the cup while the Internationals require 30.5 to reclaim it.

The International side looked in control early in the round. The Italian pair of Stefano Mazzoli and Lorenzo Scalise tied the overall team score with a 4&3 victory. The U.S. would retake the lead following a 2&1 win by Jennifer Kupcho. The Internationals claimed their first lead of the matches with 5&4 and 5&3 triumphs from KK Limbhasut/Alvaro Ortiz and Wenyung Keh/Patty Tavatanakit, respectively.

The Americans would take the next two matches - victories by Sophia Schubert/Lauren Stephenson and Shintaro Ban/Collin Morikawa - to move ahead 15.5-14.5. Olivia Mehaffey and Maddie Szeryik earned the final International point of the day, winning 1-up. Team USA would win the last five matches of the day to move ahead 20.5-15.5.

Sunday’s final round singles matches tee off at 7:30 am on Nos. 1 and 10.

Arnold Palmer Cup
Evian Resort Golf Club
July 7
USA 20.5, International 15.5

Third Round Four-Ball Pairings
Match 25:
Jennifer Kupcho/Lilia Vu, United States def. Jiwon Jeon/Chloe Ryan International, 2&1
Match 26:
Stefano Mazzoli/Lorenzo Scalise, International def. Braden Thornberry/Matthew Wolff, United States, 4&3
Match 27:
Olivia Mehaffey/Maddie Szeryk, International def. Mariel Galdiano/Andrea Lee, United States, 1-up
Match 28:
Shintaro Ban/Collin Morikawa, United States def. Luis Gagne/Andy Zhang, International, 2&1
Match 29:
Sophia Schubert/Lauren Stephenson, United States def. Albane Valenzuela/Dewi Weber, International, 3&2
Match 30:
Justin Suh/Sahith Theegala United States def. Hurly Long/Ronan Mullarney, International, 1-up
Match 31:
Wenyung Keh/Patty Tavatanakit, International def. Jamie Freedman/Alana Uriell, United States, 5&3
Match 32:
Zach Bauchou/Chandler Phillips, United States def. Hary Hall/Jovan Rebula, International, 3&2
Match 33:
Dylan Kim/Emilia Migliaccio, United States def. Jaravee Boonchant/Pimnipa Panthong, International, 1-up
Match 34:
KK Limbhasut/Alvaro Ortiz, International def. Stephen Franken/SM Lee, United States, 5&4
Match 35:
Kristen Gillman/Kaitlyn Papp, United States def. Maria Fassi/Ainhoa Olarra, International, 5&4
Match 36:
Brad Dalke/Davis Riley, United States def. Viktor Hovland/Fredrik Nilehn, International, 1-up

Sunday Singles Pairings

Final Round Singles Pairings
Match 37: 7:30 am (#1)
Maria Fassi, International vs. Sophia Schubert United States
Match 38: 7:30 am (#10)
Viktor Hovland, International vs. Brad Dalke, United States
Match 39: 7:40 am (#1)
Lorenzo Scalise, International vs. Chandler Phillips, United States
Match 40: 7:40 am (#10)
Olivia Mehaffey, International vs. Jamie Freedman, United States
Match 41: 7:50 am (#1)
Patty Tavatanakit, International vs. Kaitlyn Papp, United States
Match 42: 7:50 am (#10)
Andy Zhang, International vs. Sahith Theegala, United States
Match 43: 8:00 am (#1)
Stefano Mazzoli, International vs. Collin Morikawa, United States
Match 44: 8:00 am (#10)
Jiwon Jeon, International vs. Andrea Lee, United States
Match 45: 8:10 am (#1)
Maddie Szeryk, International vs. Lilia Vu, United States
Match 46: 8:10 am (#10)
Luis Gagne, International vs. Stephen Franken, United States
Match 47: 8:20 am (#1)
KK Limbhasut, International vs. Justin Suh, United States
Match 48: 8:20 am (#10)
Dewi Weber, International vs. Jennifer Kupcho, United States
Match 49: 8:30 am (#1)
Pimnipa Panthong, International vs. Alana Uriell, United States
Match 50: 8:30 am (#10)
Alvaro Ortiz, International vs. Zach Bauchou, United States
Match 51: 8:40am (#1)
Fredrik Nilehn, International vs. Braden Thornberry, United States
Match 52: 8:40 am (#10)
Chloe Ryan, International vs. Emilia Migliaccio, United States
Match 53: 8:50 am (#1)
Wenyung Keh, International vs. Kristen Gillman, United States
Match 54: 8:50 am (#10)
Harry Hall, International vs. SM Lee, United States
Match 55: 9:00 am (#1)
Ronan Mullarney, International vs. Shintaro Ban, United States
Match 56: 9:00 am (#10)
Albane Valenzuela, International vs. Lauren Stephenson, United States
Match 57: 9:10 am (#1)
Jaravee Boonchant, International vs. Mariel Galdiano, United States
Match 58: 9:10 am (#10)
Jovan Rebula, International vs. Davis Riley, United States
Match 59: 9:20 am (#1)
Hurly Long, International vs. Matthew Wolff, United States
Match 60: 9:20 am (#10)
Ainhoa Olarra, International vs. Dylan Kim, United States