Day One of Arnold Palmer Cup Ends in Hard fought Stalemate


Sugar Grove, Ill. — Two rain delays and 12 matches later, the Americans and Internationals are right back where they started Friday morning; All square.

Before the inclement weather, the Internationals were able to take the earliest of leads, nabbing a 5&3 win in the opening match at the hands of Eugenio Chacarra and Isabella Fierro. The Oklahoma State duo netted six birdies and an eagle from Chacarra to give the Internationals a 1-0 lead early.

That lead would hold longer than expected as the first of two storms suspended play at Rich Harvest Farms at 1:08 pm. After the two hour break, the Americans got themselves on the board thanks to  Trevor Norby and Hanna Harrison. 

Back and forth the teams went with the matches flip flopping hands in the first five matches before America’s Trent Phillips and Latanna Stone split their match with Thailand’s  Puwit Anupansuebsai and Virunpat Olankitkunchai. 

A threat of a severe thunderstorm halted play for the second time of the day at 4:29 pm. Following a 70 minute delay, the remaining matches duked it out for the first round lead and a head start on a long 36-hole Saturday.

Internationals Adrien Dumont de Chassart and Agathe Laisne caught lightning in a bottle while on the course, firing seven straight birdies en route to a 4&3 victory over Rachel Kuehn and Benjamin Shipp.

Through eight matches, the Internationals held a 5 ½ to 2 ½  advantage as the anchors made their way through the back nine at Rich Harvest Farms.

Needing to make a push to close out day one with momentum, the United States were a halve away from a clean sweep of the final four matches.

Alex Fitzpatrick and Lauren Walsh held a 1-up lead through 15 before a birdie via Ricky Castillo and Lauren Hartlage on the par 3 16th gave the U.S. an opportunity to take it to 18 where the two teams matched each other’s birdies for a half point each. 

One upping the dramatics of the penultimate match, Pierceson Coody and Gina Kim put on a show for the remaining gallery and swarm of teammates that gathered on the last few holes alongside the International’s Julián Périco and Pauline Roussin-Bouchard.

Down one on the 17th green, Roussin-Bouchard drained an emphatic putt to force the match back to all square and a battle on the par 5 18th.

Following up with another birdie on 18, the Internationals could only sit back and watch as Coody drilled a 12-footer for eagle to give the Americans the match win and a tie to end a long and grueling first day.

Both Team USA and Team International will look to break the stalemate on Saturday which will consist of two rounds of play. The morning session being Foursomes and the afternoon session being Mixed Foursomes. Play will begin at 7:30 am Central Time.


Arnold Palmer Cup

Rich Harvest Farms

June 11

Mixed Four-Ball Results

United States 6, International 6

Eugenio Chacarra/Isabella Fierro, International def. Brooke Matthews/Dylan Menante, USA, 5&3

Hanna Harrison/Trevor Norby, USA def. Penny Brown/Allan Hill, International, 1-up

Hugo Townsend/Beatrice Wallin, International def. Sam Bennett/Erica Shepherd, USA, 4&3

William Moll/Kate Smith, USA def. Ingrid Lindblad/Pontus Nyholm, International, 1-up

Joe Pagdin/Emily Price, International def. Ryan Hall/Julia Johnson, USA, 1-up

Trent Phillips/Latanna Stone, USA tied Puwit Anupansuebsai/Virunpat Olankitkunchai, International

Adrien Dumont de Chassart/Agathe Laisne, International def. Rachel Kuehn/Benjamin Shipp, USA, 4&3

Ana Peláez Triviño/David Puig, International def. Allisen Corpuz/Brad Reeves, USA, 2&1

Nick Gabrelcik/Emilia Migliaccio, USA def. Yuxin Lin/Emma Spitz, International, 2&1

Jacob Bridgeman/Irene Kim, USA def. Karen Fredgaard/Bo Jin, International, 4&3

Ricky Castillo/Lauren Hartlage, USA tied Alex Fitzpatrick/Lauren Walsh, International

Pierceson Coody/Gina Kim, USA def. Julián Périco/Pauline Roussin-Bouchard, International, 1-up

Second Round Foursomes and Third Round Mixed Foursomes Pairings 

Foursomes Matches Pairings

7:30 am - Hole #1

Rachel Kuehn/Emilia Migliaccio, USA vs Penny Brown/Lauren Walsh, International

7:30 am - Hole #10 

Jacob Bridgeman/Ryan Hall, USA vs Eugenio Chacarra/Yuxin Lin, International

7:40 am - Hole #1 

Nick Gabrelcik/Trent Phillips, USA vs Bo Jin/Joe Pagdin, International

7:40 am - Hole #10 

Gina Kim/Erica Shepherd, USA vs Virunpat Olankitkunchai/Emily Price, International

7:50 am - Hole #1 

Julia Johnson/Latanna Stone, USA vs Isabella Fierro/Karen Fredgaard, International

7:50 am - Hole #10 

Ricky Castillo/Dylan Menante, USA vs Allan Hill/Julián Périco, International

8:00 am - Hole #1 

Trevor Norby/Benjamin Shipp, USA vs Puwit Anupansuebsai/Adrien Dumont de Chassart, International

8:00 am - Hole #10 

Allisen Corpuz/Irene Kim, USA vs Pauline Roussin-Bouchard/Emma Spitz, International

8:10 am - Hole #1 

Hanna Harrison/Brooke Matthews, USA vs Ingrid Lindblad/Beatrice Wallin, International

8:10 am - Hole #10 

Sam Bennett/Brad Reeves, USA vs Pontus Nyholm/Hugo Townsend, International

8:20 am - Hole #1 

Pierceson Coody/William Moll, USA vs Alex Fitzpatrick/David Puig, International

8:20 am - Hole #10 

Lauren Hartlage/Kate Smith, USA vs Agathe Laisne/Ana Peláez Triviño, International 

Mixed Foursomes Matches Pairings

1:30 pm - Hole #1 

Nick Gabrelcik/Emilia Migliaccio, USA vs Ingrid Lindblad/Pontus Nyholm, International

1:30 pm - Hole #10 

Allisen Corpuz/Benjamin Shipp, USA vs Eugenio Chacarra/Isabella Fierro, International

1:40 pm - Hole #1 

Lauren Hartlage/Dylan Menante, USA vs Hugo Townsend/Beatrice Wallin, International

1:40 pm- Hole #10 

Hanna Harrison/Trevor Norby, USA vs Ana Peláez Triviño/David Puig, International

1:50 pm - Hole #1 

Sam Bennett/Erica Shepherd/ USA vs Joe Pagdin/Emily Price, International

1:50 pm- Hole #10 

Brad Reeves/Kate Smith, USA vs Puwit Anupansuebsai/ Virunpat Olankitkunchai, International

2:00 pm - Hole #1 

Brooke Matthews/William Moll/ USA vs Karen Fredgaard/Bo Jin, International

2:00 pm- Hole #10 

Ryan Hall/Julia Johnson, USA vs Julián Périco/Emma Spitz, International

2:10 pm - Hole #1 

Trent Phillips/Latanna Stone, USA vs Penny Brown/Allan Hill, International

2:10 pm- Hole #10 

Jacob Bridgeman/Irene Kim, USA vs Adrien Dumont de Chassart/Agathe Laisne, International

2:20 pm - Hole #1 

Ricky Castillo/Rachel Kuehn, USA vs Yuxin Lin/Pauline Roussin-Bouchard, International

2:20 pm- Hole #10 

Pierceson Coody/Gina Kim, USA vs Alex Fitzpatrick/Lauren Walsh, International